Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and our proven Natural Beauty tips, and Makeup essentials from Experts can make this saying a more practical and soothing experience for every eye that catches a glimpse of you.

There is nothing more precious than the inner beauty in a woman which reflects her true personality whereas when we talk of external beauty, it mainly lies in how elegantly she dresses and manages her body, her skin, and her hair.

Beauty is about preserving and making the most of your natural assets so that you feel more confident and positive about whom you are.

Having an active lifestyle, eating healthy nutritional food, exercising and using the right hair and skin ingredients is the most important aspect of total beautification process.

However, there are other expert and proven beauty tips and secrets that can make the process simple and give your beauty an extra boost and empower you to own your unique charm.

This article reveals sacred beauty tips and secrets for glowing skin and lustrous hair, enabling you to unveil the charisma of beauty hidden somewhere in you waiting to be explored and appreciated by everyone.

Top 39 Homemade Beauty Tips

  1. Instead of paying massive amounts for Eyelash treatments you can create your remedy which is organic and nourishing. To help thicken and lengthen your eyelashes apply coconut or almond oil to your eyelashes using a mascara wand.
  2. Use steam to clean Your face at least once a week to remove blackheads, excess oil, dirt, blemishes and toxins. The moisture from the steam helps to refuel dehydrated skin cells, giving you youthful, glowing skin and on the other hand, the heat stimulates facial muscles, leading to fewer aging lines and wrinkles.
  3. Do you wake up with tired and puffy eyes? If yes, always remove your eye makeup before bed and keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day to help flush out toxins and prevent fluid retention. Also, apply some cooling eye gel around the eyes before going to bed and massage the eye area working outwards.
  4. Daily washing face with a gentle Neem and Turmeric based face wash helps the natural exfoliation process by removing dead skin and buffing the skin to a radiant shine and help you to prevent and get rid of acne and pimples.
  5. For dry skin use avocado or curd and turmeric face mask – apply on your face and leave for 10 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
  6. Apart from following the tips mentioned in this article, remember not to ban sunshine entirely as a small dose of daily sunlight is right for your wellbeing. Sunshine infuses your body with Vitamin D which is known to reduce the risk of many cancers and is an essential hormone for healthy body, skin, and hair. Beauty Tips for you
  7. Quit smoking as it is the most prominent enemy of radiant skin and the most significant cause of premature aging as the nicotine present in cigarettes constricts blood vessels and decrease the flow of oxygen to your skin and the entire body.
  8. Take time to meditate and relax 10 minutes a day and get a natural facelift. Stress wreaks havoc with your hormones, which damages your skin.
  9. Look for moisturizers that have natural anti-aging ingredients like rose extracts, Glycerin, vitamin A vitamin C, and skin-loving herbs like basil, Aloe vera, and Turmeric,
  10. Eat a diet high in essential fats and antioxidants. These foods help repair the damage of premature aging by restoring and rebuilding skin cells. Antioxidants are found in wine, green tea, chocolate, berries, grapes, olive and rice bran oil, etc. They prevent aging and give you glowing skin and lustrous hair.
  11. Exfoliate twice a week with Multani mitti or Fuller’s Earth which is known for its excellent exfoliating properties. It efficiently removes dead cells from the top layers of your skin and unclogs the pores and prevents the formation of acne.
  12. If your skin is oily, sensitive and easily gets irritated or itchy by application of cosmetics, perfumes or creams apply astringent on your skin before product application.
  13. Tea tree oil has a proven long history of medicinal use and has been successful in treating pimples, acne, and other chronic skin conditions and is an excellent natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Just put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton swab and apply it to the affected area of your skin.
  14. After your eyes, your lips are the most vulnerable area in the fight against aging and get dehydrated too like your skin. Apply glycerin, Almond Oil or few drops of vitamin E oil at night before going to bed and leave on for softer and healthy lips.Multani Mitti for glowing skin
  15. Do face massage by applying rhythmic pressure to your face in spare time for 5-10 minutes to boost the quality, tone, and texture of your facial skin instantly by stimulating blood circulation in the facial region.
  16. Take a daily dose of Vitamin C or eat food and fruits rich in Vitamin C as this vitamin is essential for producing collagen which keeps your skin soft, supple and elastic.
  17. Take more Zinc for flawless skin and a preventive measure against acne and pimples. Zinc fights bacteria that causes acne and pimples.
  18. Apply honey face pack once a week for soft and glowing skin and the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey are proven to be an effective remedy for skin related infections including burns, wounds, acne, and pimples.
  19. Make natural skin hydrating serum by mixing 2 Tablespoon of yogurt, 1 Tablespoon raw honey and one teaspoon turmeric powder and form a paste and apply to face and neck.
  20. When using concealer ensure that you use one shade lighter than your foundation to cover up the dark shadowy areas around your eyes.
  21. Apply clear lip-gloss to eyelids or cheekbones for a little natural gloss.
  22. Coconut oil is a fantastic remedy for scalp problems like dryness, itchiness, and dandruff with the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals your hair needs. Apply and massage coconut on your hair and apply it to your skin once a week and see how wonderfully this magic potion works for skin and hair issues.
  23. If you want to grow your hair fast, then get your hair trimmed from ends in 4-8 weeks. This will also solve the problem of split ends.Hair Growth - Beauty Tips
  24. Before and after shampooing your hair, apply few drops of olive or coconut oil on the comb and to the ends of your hair to detangle your
  25. Look for shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners that offer UVA and UVB protection.
  26. Green or herbal Tulsi tea has enough fluoride to reduce plaque and bacterial infections and maintain oral hygiene. Dip a green tea teabag in a cup of boiling water; let it cool, your effective organic mouthwash is ready!
  27. Stretch marks are the result of a torn collagen bundles that occur when the skin is stressed therefore eat foods rich in vitamins C and E, zinc and essential fatty acids as these nutrients assist in the production of collagen and don’t let your weight fluctuate too much. Steady weight gain and weight loss is always the best way to avoid skin marks.
  28. One of the most effective beauty tips is to use Epsom salt as a natural scrubber once or twice a month. Before taking a shower, mix a cup of Epsom salt and combine a little water and scrub your body and scalp to eliminate dead skin plus get a magnesium boost that helps you relax sore muscles and relieve body aches and your skin and hair also gets benefited from the antibacterial and conditioning properties of this wonderful
  29. Raw milk is also an excellent cleanser and better than any commercial cleansing milk available in the market. Take a cup of milk and a sponge. Dip the sponge in milk and rub it gently throughout your body you will notice how powerful this remedy is when it comes to expelling hidden dust and dirt from your skin, wait for 10 minutes and then use a mild cleansing soap, preferably a body wash while you take a shower. As a result of using this beauty tip, you will get instant glowing and flawless skin that is soft and supple.
  30. For super soft hands massage some olive, vitamin E or Almond oil into your hands and apply some cotton gloves and leave them on overnight.
  31. Use Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner to help regulate and balance the PH level of your skin. Dilute one part of ACV with two parts water and apply the soothing elixir to your face with a cotton ball.
  32. To reduce puffiness, take potato slices, soak them in water for 5 minutes and then place them over your lids for 15 -20 minutes.
  33. Carry a mini spray bottle of Rose, spray some on your face whenever you feel the need. Not only does it have fantastic toning, brightening and softening effects, but the smell and feel of it are amazingly refreshing.Rose Water for Skin - Expert Beauty Tips
  34. Yogurt works as an excellent skin softener, and the natural lactic acid helps to exfoliate your dead skin cells. For efficient use, take three tablespoons of yogurt and mix it one teaspoon of turmeric and apply it gently all over your face. Once the mix has been evenly applied, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face with a mild natural cleanser.
  35. Rather than spending an excess of cash on a sunscreen cream, you can utilize coconut oil. Coconut oil is a well known natural sunscreen and can do wonders for your skin and Hair.
  36. For an oily and greasy scalp, avoid using conditioner on the scalp, instead, use conditioner from your ear down to ends.
  37. Use extra rice water to rinse your hair after shampooing and let it sit on your head for 5 minutes. Rinse the rice water out, and you’ll be surprised at the result – shiny and stronger hair.
  38. Use Vitamin C to reverse the effects of aging and strengthen the skin’s barrier against environmental toxins.  Consume Indian Gooseberry powder as its one of the most abundant source of Vitamin C.
  39. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil, and organic curry leaves to make super efficient Hair oil that promotes hair growth and conditions it. This oil is also beneficial for controlling hair loss and thinning. It prevents premature graying when applied regularly, strengthens your hair and prevents dandruff.Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

Bottom Line

Remember ‘True beauty is ageless’ and following these beauty tips will help you to fight and prevent the signs of aging.  Always opt for natural or herbal based products and cosmetics as they are not harmful to the skin and hair and will prevent it from getting damaged.