Meditation takes you to a magical journey where you experience mystical moments, get strong positive intuitions and messages from the heavenly adobe, and above all it’s an excellent remedy for relaxation, knowing your higher self and overall well-being.

On day-to-day basis thoughts, positive-negative ideas and questions keep popping in our minds, and we undergo a lot of stress finding solutions to all realistic and illusionary problems and make our condition worse day-by-day by involving and evolving in this materialistic world.

However, in such a case, benefits of meditation can be of great assistance and can take you to the zenith of happiness, contentment, and relaxation. Overall it is an excellent remedy for your life, body, mind, and soul.

While practicing different meditation types, first learn to quiet the mind and relax the body keeping aside all your stress and tensions as soon you are going to experience something magical that will ward off all your fears and anxiety.

It will empower you to take quality decisions and actions that will make your life easier and more beautiful.

Meditation for Beginners – A Step to Overall Well-being!

For many of us, guided meditations can be the best thing to start with and with resources available on YouTube and many other useful holistic websites, you can simply begin this holistic healing journey anytime you wish to translate and make your life more meaningful.

Most people who meditate achieve this state of “Super-conscious” quite naturally.

How Much Time Should I Give to Meditation?

The answer is simple – How much time do you have?

To reap the benefits of meditation, even if you can meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day, I think that’s excellent!

With the hustle-bustle of modern era, we often feel stressed and over-worked that ultimately makes us unhappy, impatient and has a very negative impact on our overall health – Mentally as well as Physically.

A simple 5 to 10-minute meditation for beginners as explained below can help you to overcome your stress and find some inner peace and balance.

It is a simple way to attain peace of mind and its very effective in providing you deep rest and overcome any stress and anxiety.

The rest and relief are more profound than the most peaceful sleep that you can ever have. When the mind becomes free from unwanted negative thoughts, it gets calmer, and that is when meditation happens!

How to do Meditation?

Meditation Technique for Beginners

Meditation is usually practiced with eyes closed and begins after we have achieved a state of mental quiet and physical relaxation.

Imagine that you are a very tiny part of the universe and still have a lot to know about the mystical universe and its components, try to connect with the almighty till you experience your mind is relaxed, and your soul has started to communicate with the heavenly aura.

While you close your eyes, imagine that you are blessed and have started receiving healing rays moving down throughout your body and soon you will be in the cosmic world, where you will be able to get rid of all sort of problems that are keeping you away from real happiness.

Keep your mind in a complete state of relaxation and just ignore negative thoughts and emotions.

Health Benefits of Meditation

It Clears the mind of worries; promotes a broad sense of security and safety, and awakens your Root Chakra.

It opens and energizes your Crown, Sacral, throat and Heart Chakra and Increases your ability to fight stress; boosts your immune system and lead a happy life free from unnecessary fears and tensions.

Remember, “Failures are the pillars of success” In short – “What happens, happens for your good”!

It helps to combat stress, Anxiety & Depression by enhances brain power. Not only this it boosts our immune system and protects us from numerous diseases and is an active anti-aging tool and is known to relieve pain better than morphine.

Meditation improves our mood and fights debility and fatigue and helps in getting a good nights sleep and reduces the risk of heart diseases and stroke tremendously.

A study suggested that during and after meditation training, subjects were more skilled at keeping focus, especially on repetitive and tedious tasks and increases the ability to keep focus in spite of distractions.

It boosts your mental strength, flexibility, and emotional intelligence and helps in the management of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Meditation improves learning power and enhances memory, and is a potent tool for balancing blood pressure naturally.

How to do Meditation?

Get in a relaxed position and close you’re, closed, but not tight.

Start with some deep breaths then start breathing slowly.

Do not think about anything else apart from connecting with the heavenly eternal world.

Keep doing this for 10-15 minutes.

In the beginning, you will get a bit restless, but as you keep practicing, you will feel the magical upliftment.

Ensure you have proper ventilation while you do meditation, the lighting should be soothing and the noise levels under control.

During the session, If you find it difficult to keep control over your negative thoughts; visualize something beautiful or chant a holy mantra to seek the blessings of the divine force.

Bottom Line

Early morning is an optimal time for meditation. It provides us inner strength and helps us meet life’s ups and downs and balance our emotions.