Wheatgrass is one of the superfoods that has been going around for a long time now and has generated a strong name for itself in the medicinal field due to its immense health boosting and curative properties.

You must be thinking, is Wheatgrass good for you?

And the simple answer is, yes my friends it is!

A lot of people take a shot of wheatgrass juice early in the morning or its powder, raw or mixed with smoothies to reap its amazing health benefits.

Wheatgrass Benefits at a Glance

Is wheatgrass Good for You?


  1. Wheatgrass does not tastes awesome but is abundant in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and is considered one of the richest sources of Living Chlorophyll and due to the high Chlorophyll and nutrients content, it has incredible preventive powers when it comes to a host of chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, including cancer.
  2. Wheatgrass is packed with vital nutrients that make it extremely useful to your health and offers many therapeutic benefits apart from complete nourishment. It contains iron, calcium, enzymes, magnesium, phytonutrients, 17 amino acids, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B complex, chlorophyll, healthy enzymes and, proteins.
  3. It is a boon for the digestive and gastrointestinal disorders and aids proper functioning of the digestive system due to its rich content of Magnesium and beneficial Enzymes.
  4. When consumed regularly, it checks and controls the development of harmful disease-causing bacteria in the body and flushes toxins out of the body.
  5. Chlorophyll content of Wheatgrass helps to purify the liver and balances blood sugar and Blood Pressure. It has the ability to increase the amount of oxygen in your blood and it’s high iron content stimulate your body to produce more red blood cells.
  6. It helps in maintaining Oral hygiene and prevents tooth decay and gums related disorder including Pyorrhea. Gargling with its juice helps in getting instant relief from a sore throat as it destroys the harmful infectious bacteria.
  7. It is an excellent health tonic and a proven remedy for skin related issues such as Eczema or Psoriasis when consumed internally as well as applied topically to the affected areas.
  8. This health potion boosts both mental and physical fitness levels by keeping debility and fatigue at bay. It increases endurance levels and makes you feel energetic throughout the day.
  9. Wheatgrass juice reduces the blockages in arteries and is excellent for cardiovascular diseases, Muscular and Bone disorders and health issues related to lungs.
  10. The essential Amino Acids present in WG are responsible for vital body functions and result in healthy cell structure.
  11. Wheatgrass has proven itself to be an effective tool to fight Cancer naturally and efficiently as it is one of the most alkaline foods on planet Earth. Cancer does not like an alkaline Chlorophyll, Selenium and B17 are anti-cancer nutrients that are found in Wheatgrass.
  12. Its advantages include the ability to boost and strengthen the body’s overall defense mechanism and Immune system by activating and nourishing White Blood Cells.
  13. Its higher antioxidant levels help to clear brain fog and fight depression and anxiety.
  14. Wheatgrass has the wonderful ability to help purify the body by flushing body toxins, heavy metals and carcinogenic agents from the liver and bloodstream.
  15. Due to its catalase content and other beneficial antioxidants, its great for hair health and can help with reversing the graying of hair. The compounds it contains have been proven to slow down the aging process.
  16. Wheatgrass possesses antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  17. Loaded with more Vitamin C than oranges and two times the amount of Vitamin A than carrots, Wheatgrass supplementation protects you from seasonal infections and shields the body from harmful viruses, pathogens, and bacteria. ((Living life the natural way – Wheatgrass and Health Satyavati Rana, Jaspreet Kaur Kamboj, and Vandana Gandhi))
  18. Wheatgrass consumption with a high-fat diet results in a significant reduction in bad cholesterol as well as has a positive impact on good cholesterol (HDL).
  19. Wheatgrass balances and stimulates the thyroid gland which further helps in boosting metabolism and aids in weight loss. It is a nutrient-dense food, leading many to feel fuller faster and longer. This can help to reduce cravings.

Bottom Line

Drinking wheatgrass Juice or consuming it in powder form can boost your immunity and metabolism manifolds. It’s an excellent choice if you’re you want to stay physically fit, disease-free and experience a sense of overall well-being.