Nutritious food is the best health supplement in the World and Nature has presented them in such a way that they resemble specific organs in our body.

You will be amazed to know that the resemblance is not just limited to appearance, but the food that looks similar to a particular body part also fortifies it in the best possible manner by providing it special nourishment.

Foods that Resemble our Body Parts and Nourish them

Foods that resemble our body parts

  1. A single piece of sliced Carrot resembles the human eye – The pupil, iris and radiating lines have significant similarity. Studies have proved that carrots are great for eye health as they are abundant in vitamins, antioxidants, and beta-carotene, which decreases the risks of macular degeneration; the leading cause of vision disorders in aged people
  2. A Tomato has four chambers and is red; similarly, the heart has four chambers and is red. Research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopene which is excellent for blood flow and heart health.
  3. How can we miss the similarity between a Walnut and the Human Brain! Walnuts are amongst the best nuts for Brain health. They have a significantly high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 fatty acid that is known to boost brain health and improve cognitive performance.
  4. Kidney Beans are shaped like our kidneys and bolster kidney functions immensely. They contain phosphorus, potassium, protein, and other essential vitamins and minerals.
  5. Red wine is super rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol and resembles blood. A blood-thinning compound in red wine is known to majorly reduce risks of blood clots associated with stroke and heart disease.
  6. Ginger resembles your digestive tract, and this magnificent herb needs no introduction when it comes to improving its overall health.
  7. Grapes resemblance to the alveoli of the lungs is unquestionable. Alveoli are tiny sacks within the lungs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide flow between the lungs and. Including green/red/purple grapes in your diet has proven to cut down your risk of lung cancer enormously.
  8. If you look at broccoli carefully, you’ll notice that it resembles a closed structure of cells and studies have proven that adding regular consumption of broccoli can reduce certain cancers by 50%.
  9. Did you know, Sweet Potatoes imitate pancreas and are known to boost its health and are beneficial for people who have diabetes.
  10. Olives are known to resemble the shape of human ovaries and are beneficial for its functioning.