Feeling a bit low or depressed?

Get Out!

Sorry, I mean to say go out and do Gardening!

You must be thinking; you’ve gone crazy or what?

No, my friend, scientists have observed that not only spending time in nature but also breathing in a common soil bacterium can be beneficial for your health.

Research shows a bacterium found in soil can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Soil Bacteria that fights Stress and Anxiety!

Scientists at the Sage Colleges of Troy, New York, have found out that exposure to certain kinds of soil bacteria can reduce anxiety and increase learning capabilities in an individual.

Nature lovers can rejoice as Gardening can be rewarding regarding health and can make you’re a happy person!

The remarkable soil bacteria, I am talking about is known as Mycobacterium Vaccae, which occurs naturally in soil and is often ingested or breathed in innocuously when people spend time in nature or do gardening.

Previous studies revealed that when the bacteria were injected into mice, it stimulated neuron growth and boosted serotonin levels which further facilitated in decreasing stress and anxiety by balancing cortisol (Human Stress Hormone). This bacteria is known to possess antidepressant properties.

But decreased anxiety isn’t the only effect of increased serotonin in humans, and researchers wanted to investigate further to discover more benefits of this bacteria and conducted another research in mice to test that did the Mycobacterium Vaccae could improve learning in mice?

Serotonin along with Dopamine are neurotransmitters ( chemical messengers)  in the brain. Dopamine affects your emotions, whereas,  Serotonin regulates your mood, social behavior, libido, sleep, memory, and learning.

After feeding the live bacteria to a group of mice, the researchers made them run a maze and found mice fed with this potent bacteria moved across the maze twice as fast as compared to the control group.

Once the bacteria was withheld from the diet of mice, it showed a decline in performance — meaning the improved performance was the effect of the presence of bacteria M. Vaccae.

Thus, if this soil bacteria has similar effects on humans, spending time in nature, especially gardening can be neurologically beneficial.