Moringa is abundant in all the essential amino acids required by the body for protein synthesis, which is the basis of healthy body cells and critical for body metabolism, growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues, enzymes, hormones and to promote overall health.

Moringa oleifera has proven itself as a modern century superfood due to its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties among many other health benefits.

There are 20 amino acids, 11 our body can produce, and for the rest, it depends on the food you intake, and the good news is that Moringa contains all of them.

9 Vital Amino Acids found in Moringa

  1. ISOLEUCINE – Helps in building protein and enzymes as well as the creation of biochemical components within the body. A deficiency in Isoleucine can lead to low blood sugar levels and fatigue.
  2. LEUCINE – Builds healthy protein as well as enzymes together with Isoleucine to improve body’s energy levels as well as alertness, balances blood sugar levels and in combination with other amino acids promotes muscle, bone and skin health.
  3. LYSINE – Ensures the absorption of the ideal amount of calcium by the body and is essential for muscle and bone health. It aids in collagen development as well as the production of antibodies, hormones as well as enzymes.
  4. METHIONINE – Provides sulfur to the body which is crucial for hair, skin and nail growth and good health. Lowers cholesterol levels by boosting the liver’s production of lecithin and minimizing bladder inflammation.
  5. PHENYLALANINE – Aids in the production of chemicals required to beam in between afferent neuron and mind, therefore decreasing appetite discomforts. It also boosts memory and brain functions.
  6. THREONINE – Forms an integral part of collagen, elastin and also enamel proteins. Help metabolic rate, avoids fat develop in the liver as well as boosts the digestive system.
  7. TRYTOHYAN – Supports the body immune system and minimizes sleeping disorders. Fights and prevents anxiousness, anxiety and migraine headache. Decreases the danger of artery and also heart convulsions as it lowers bad cholesterol levels together with lysine.
  8. VALINE – Promotes neurological functions, maintains muscle metabolism, repairs body tissues and boosts energy level.
  9. HISTIDINE – Essential for generation of both red and white blood cells and fight body allergies.


Moringa is a new superfood because of its magnificent health benefits. Consumed even in small amounts, it can supply daily a wide gamut of vital nutrients with all the essential vitamins and minerals including all the essential amino acids.