Planning to reduce weight and initially checking it every day or every another hour? Doing so can be a tedious task, with no fruitful results. You know exactly what I want to indicate – stress, water weight, a little too much cake that can all change those numbers frequently until and unless you adopt the “Extreme Weight Loss Regimen” and maintain it.

Extreme weight loss tips

32 Proven Tips and Methods for of Faster Weight Loss

  1. Don’t concentrate on losing 100lbs-focus on 5lbs at a time.
  2. Go for Walks, Lock your car in the garage and be ready for some manual action – Cycling!
  3. Nothing is better than swimming and aerobics to tone up your muscles and bring your body back to shape.
  4. Exercises during the breaks while seeing Television.
  5. Do exercise that you enjoy – Free Style Aerobics on any music you love is a great way to burn unwanted fat!
  6. Become aware of the food portion sizes of your food intake. Remember, you are what you consume!
  7. Prepare much healthier variations of the junk food that you like and fight those unhealthy cravings!
  8. Educated yourself and read everything about Health and Fitness.
  9. Get Registered with weight reduction forums/health and physical fitness clubs, Facebook pages and blogs, to learn from other people’s success stories and stay motivated.
  10. Cut the crap – Cut out processed food from your diet.
  11. Cook for yourself and your family and try different healthy recipes – Cooking also keeps you active!
  12. Stop making excuses – Fit your exercises in your work compartment – like doing squats while you cook in the kitchen.
  13. Ensure that you and your body get proper rest and sleep – don’t unnecessarily torture yourself while you are on a weight-loss regimen.
  14. Stop listening to people – Stop dieting. Eat a healthy diet instead – it is a lifestyle that works, not a diet plan! Instead, plan Intermittent fasting (occurring at irregular intervals; not continuously) for a day in a week helps you to flush accumulated toxins and burn excess fat. The best way to fast for a day and drink skimmed buttermilk to keep you full and provide your body with all the essential nutrients.
  15. Say no to sugar, reduce it if you can’t say it goodbye and stay away from synthetic sweetening agents – They are slow poison!
  16. Don’t skip breakfast – Lunch and Dinner – You know what I mean to say – you need energy and essential nutrients to stay healthy and complete the weight loss challenge, my friend! Whenever you’re avoiding a meal, you will be even hungrier the next time you sit at the table. You’ll end up eating more than you in fact require.
  17. Nuts and Whole grains are rich sources of nutrients and dietary fiber; treat them as a potent weapon against body fat!
  18. Stop saying – I can’t eat this and that. Your slimming winning mantra should be – I eat all fruits and Vegetables!
  19. Pay attention to your body food demand and feed it when it’s genuinely starving – not craving for food.
  20. Follow a home fitness regimen and drink adequate water and electrolyte drinks post workouts.
  21. Plan healthy meals for the entire week in advance so that you don’t fall short of material at the 11th hour and left with unhealthy options – Such type of weight reduction Program has no space for excuses!
  22. Consume fewer calories than you burn, however still make sure that your calorie intake is optimal.
  23. Do not take body measurements and weight daily, a gap of a week to track my progress will keep you motivated and free of unwanted stress (Stress Hormones are known to slow your metabolism and make you gain excess weight) – Slow and steady wins the race!
  24. Keep in mind for a long-term healthy weight management; there is a start date but not an end. Don’t push yourself too much. Just follow a natural, healthy weight plan and keep focused on overall well-being, not just weight loss.
  25. Stop looking food as your enemy and start identifying it as healthy or unhealthy. extreme weight loss methods
  26. Consume Berries (Nutritious Superfoods), Natural Weight Management and metabolism boosting herbs and spices like Ashwagandha, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Turmeric, Black Pepper, etc.
  27. Go innovative with salads; make it an essential part of your meals.
  28. Limit animal fats – Eggs, Fish and Chicken are the best options to consume.
  29. Check out the labels on everything you buy – say no to preservatives, artificial colors, and frozen foods.
  30. It doesn’t matter if its diet soda; it is still one of the primary factors that add to weight gain. Research studies have revealed that diet soda can make you get even more stubborn belly fat than regular soda. Instead of consuming a glass of soda replace it with water. When the body it’s not hydrated, it retains more fat.
  31. Who does not enjoy sitting on the couch and seeing TV after having a huge portion of food? Sadly, this is among the primary cause of weight gain. Try going out for a walk instead.
  32. For losing weight fast, start each day with a short workout, do meditation, practice yoga for at least 5 minutes –Pranayam is excellent for weight reduction and to lose weight naturally without the need for dieting. In this manner, you will understand that you’ve done something.

Bottom Line

If you are a weight loss aspirant, it is advisable that you educate yourself about the good and bad options of reducing weight. This will help embark on a healthy weight loss journey delivering fruitful results.

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, there are no shortcuts. Most extreme weight loss tips and methods come at a cost and are difficult to maintain over time. The safest and most lasting way to lose weight is by adopting and maintaining a healthy diet and making healthy lifestyle changes.