Confirmatory lifestyle and diet changes can not only help you in living a healthy life but can also protect and save you from getting prey to dreaded diseases, and aid in preventing cancer.

Although medical science is developing at a faster pace and significant advancements can be observed, cancer is still incurable, although various alternative therapies and medicines have been introduced to treat this disease and have also shown positive results the search for a potential cure is still on.

This disease can be avoided and prevented with an easy to follow daily regimen and specific lifestyle changes that keep our body’s defense system at optimal levels and help it fight deadly environmental toxins and disease-causing Microbes.

18 Simple and Effective Tips for Cancer Prevention

1. Cancer Sticks

Quit smoking as it is the leading cause of Esophagus, Lungs, and Throat Cancer. Even passive smoking is equally harmful and should be avoided at any cost. If you are serious about your overall health, stop using them immediately.

2. Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Moderate Sunbathing and Vitamin D supplementation is a must to stay healthy and prevent all sorts of diseases – from common seasonal infections to various dreaded diseases. However, too much sun exposure is also perilous; as it leads to skin burn and can trigger skin cancer.

If you are the person who likes minimal exposure to sunlight, opt for a daily, weekly or monthly dosage of Vitamin D as per the recommendation of your physician.

It is advised to get your Vitamin D levels checked before starting its supplementation to ascertain the optimum dosage for you. Deficiency of this vitamin leads to numerous diseases including the most serious one we are discussing in this article.

Vitamin D is crucial to protect yourself from Cancer, and everyone should get their Vitamin D levels checked at least once a year and try to maintain its optimum levels in the body.

3. Skin Protection

When exposing yourself outdoors for long hours, during broad daylight, it is best that you use lotions with the recommended degree of SPF (sun protection factor) to prevent harmful rays from penetrating deep into your skin and affecting it negatively and can even cause Melanoma.

4. Drink Like a Gentleman

Say No to alcohol or drink in moderation. Being drinking increases the chances of developing many forms of cancer.

To reap the health benefits of moderate drinking restrain yourself from indulging in massive consumption of any alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol protects against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which may lead to stomach cancer and due to its antioxidant properties, especially that of red wine.

5. Microwave cooking is fast but not healthy

Did you know – cooking in a Microwave or even constant close contact with it increases your chances of getting affected by cancer. Even over-toasted bread and excess consumption of food cooked directly on wood or Charcoal should be avoided.

6. Chemicals – Get out of my House!

To prevent Cancer stay away from chemicals, cheap deodorants, chemically formulated floor cleaners, detergents, paints, bugs spray, etc. Avoid direct contact and do not inhale. If you have to deal with chemicals, field take proper precautions by wearing proactive masks and gloves and ensure adequate ventilation.

7. Water is Nectar of Life

Drink Lots of water – I mean pure drinking water! It can flush harmful cancer-causing toxins from your body. Adding some lime juice to it once or twice a day will make an utterly refreshing and body detox drink.

8. I love Red Meat, but I prefer White

Focus on white meats and limit the consumption of red meat as if consumed often, it increases your risk of colon cancer.

9. Food is the best supplement

Include Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, and herbs like Basil, Parsley in your diet on a regular basis. Eat lots of green and colorful vegetables and fruits like berries and plums and remember don’t overcook and overheat your food. Firstly, it destroys all the nutrients in it, and secondly, it increases cancer risk.

Refined Oil, Fried, and Junk food should be a big no when you are on your anticancer regimen.

10. Go Organic!

Try to eat organically grown food and to protect your body from all sorts of diseases minor or significant Pesticide residues should be avoided. Washing, peeling and removing the outermost parts of fruits and vegetables reduces exposure to pesticides.

11. Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

Use of multi-vitamins, antioxidant supplements can also act as a protective barrier against various diseases.

Today, a lot of herbal formulations is also available in the markets which are an excellent source of essential vitamins and Minerals. For example- Cancer-Fighting foods like Wheatgrass and Moringa are abundant in vital vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids and possess strong cancer-fighting and protecting properties.

12. Avoid X-Rays

Instead of going for unnecessary CT Scans or x-rays; you can show the copy of your most recent report to your medical advisors as constant exposure to X-rays, and Gama rays can aid in cancer development as they are known human carcinogens.

13. Cell Phones are not your soulmates

Avoid direct or indirect radiation as much as possible – Your Mobile phone emits a lot of it – I hope you understand, what I mean to say.

14. Do Not Feed Cancer Cells

Less Sugar, Less Salt will halt the occurrence of many intimidating diseases and health conditions.

15. Safe Sex is in

Practice safe sex as sexually transmitted infections – like AIDS and HPV ( human papillomavirus) that cause warts are linked to skin cancer. Protecting yourself from these infections can lower your risk of getting infected.

16. A routine checkup is excellent for your health

Get your regular fitness check done at least once a year to ascertain your health condition. If everything comes out ok – great – If it doesn’t, get a proper diagnosis done to outright any possibility of any disease or disorder.

17. Healthy Weight Management

Watch your weightObesity is an indicator of high levels of LDL (Bad Cholesterol), which can adversely contribute to the development of cancer as it weakens your metabolic processes and affects your thyroid function negatively.

18. Here The Rabbit Wins the Race

Slow and steady loses the race – yes, a sedentary lifestyle makes you prone to many life-threatening diseases and ruins your metabolism. Remain active as much as possible; exercise, plan a home fitness regimen, do gardening or do housework that keeps you actively involved.

As you leave

By following these Cancer prevention tips, you are doing yourself a favor by decreasing your risk and protecting yourself from harmful elements that can lead to this health condition.

This disease may be life-threatening, but these practical measures can be employed to prevent it from even happening.