Nowadays you must be listening to a lot of Cow urine (Gomutra) and its magnificent health benefits and its excellent ability to fight chronic diseases and even Cancer.

When it comes to ancient medicine and its health benefits, most of us ask this question to ourselves or debate with their friends or family that can Cow’s urine (Gomutra) possess medicinal properties?

Yes, it may sound a bit illogical to some, but this is true and backed by extensive research and studies that this elixir drink has proven health benefits and possesses powerful and effective medicinal and immunity boosting properties.

As a medicine, it may be new for the world, but it has been considered an effective ancient medication in Ayurveda and India people are consuming this miraculous drink to protect and heal themselves from different health problems from ages.

A  lot of research in the past few years that have shown its ability to cure and treat numerous diseases including diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, atherosclerosis, bronchial pneumonia, osteoarthritis, glaucoma, etc. Gomutra has proven to be a supportive herbal therapy for AIDS and Cancer.

Cow Urine Therapy is an ancient part of Ayurveda as this potion contains various elements which are required by our body to nourish tissues, cells other body organs.

17 Cow Urine Benefits backed by Science

  1. Potent Antioxidants found in cow urine prevent free radical damage which is known to fasten the process of aging and prone to diseases, while its antimicrobial properties help destroy harmful pathogens.
  2. It acts as a bioenhancer and enhances the absorption and curative powers of other medicines, herbs and herbal compositions.
  3. It can boost overall immunity and bodies defense mechanism and prevent common infections and notably, is a boon for respiratory infections and helps fight obesity.
  4. Its antibiotic properties are well known, and the way it prevents and fights viral infections is worth a mention. Researchers found that its distillate enhances the effectiveness of quinolone – one of the most widely used antibiotics in the World and a pharmaceutical composition comprising an antibiotic and cow urine has been granted a US patent.
  5. Studies showed that Gomutra increases the bioavailability of anti-cancer drugs and also helped to reduce the side effects caused by these potent medications. It is an excellent elixir that boosts physical strength and enhances longevity and its impressive germicidal power to kill a variety of disease-causing bacteria.
  6. Drinking this herbal potion balances, ‘Tri-dosas’ in the body Vata (airy element), Pitta (fire element) and Cough (watery element). In Ayurveda, it is believed that if any of these three elements are not balanced in the body, it causes diseases.
  7. The Main Elements and disease-fighting agents found in Cow Urine are
    Carbolic Acid and Urea (antibacterial), Uric acid (antibacterial and anticancer), Urokinase (improves blood circulation and is beneficial for heart health), Epithelium growth factor ( repair and regenerate damaged tissues and cells), etc.
  8. Gomutra possesses strong cancer-fighting properties and compounds that actively prevent the multiplication of cancerous cells and return them to normal.
  9. Nitrogen and Sulphur present in Cow’s urine purifies the blood, stimulate and boost the functioning of Kidney ’s and act an as diuretic.
  10. Cow Urine is abundant in essential vitamin and minerals, which include Copper, Phosphate, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, etc. and Vitamins A, B, C,  D, and E and is capable of fighting body deficiencies.
  11. It corrects functioning of the liver and flushes toxins out of our bodies, making it disease free.
  12. It is a valuable fungicide, which has shown to be more effective than natural fungicides like Neem and Bicarb Soda.
  13. Oral supplementation with Cow-urine has been found to be beneficial in the treatment of Hemorrhoids.
  14. It is an excellent antiseptic solution with excellent wound healing abilities and when applied externally can treat some skin disorders including Eczema, Psoriasis and even leprosy efficiently.
  15. It has strong anti-parasitic properties that can help the body get rid of intestinal parasites that cause a host of abdominal and intestinal disorders.
  16. In Nigeria, convulsions in children are treated using a concoction made of garlic, tobacco, rock salt, cow urine and lemon basil juice.
  17. It possesses strong Cancer-Fighting properties. Curcumin the most researched Anticancer compound is present only in Turmeric and in cow’s urine in abundance. The curcumin present in the cow’s urine is also in digestible form, ie. It starts its work very soon after you consume it.

Cow Urine (Gomutra) Dosage

Cow Urine Cancer Therapy

You can easily get distilled Cow Urine from any herbal or online health store. It also comes in different compositions to treat specific health disorders.

In India, Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy and Patanjali Gomutra – Divya Godhan Ark are two famous brands you can completely rely on.

For people suffering from any chronic diseases – 100 ml (Preferably Empty Stomach in the Morning)

For healthy people as a health-boosting supplement  – 50 ml (Preferably Empty Stomach in the Morning)

You can take Cow Urine supplement for a week and then take a gap for another one week and then repeat the process. But to treat serious diseases like cancer, I would prefer daily doses, until the patients fully recover from the illness.


Apart from the amazing health benefits of cow urine (Gomutra), the cow milk, butter, ghee (clarified butter) and buttermilk are like nectar and also possess immense health benefits. The cow dung is the best manure; you can use for your plants and believe me, the results are fabulous!