Getting a good night’s sleep helps us to be physically as well as mentally active all day long; you tend to be more productive and make better decisions too. Those who are suffering from sleep disorders, here are some tried and tested sleeping tips t help you overcome Insomnia naturally!

Insomnia symptoms are often difficult to recognize, and its causes are majorly lousy lifestyle choices or age. Age is the primary factor, treatment of insomnia in adults can be achieved by following these simple sleeping tips.

One study found that insufficient sleep increases obesity risk by 89% in children and 55% in adults.

Inadequate sleep can impact our health negatively and can trigger chronic health conditions like Diabetes.

15 Effective Sleeping Tips

  1. The Primary cause of sleepiness or Insomnia is the stress and anxiety we carry in our minds that inclines us towards consumption of more caffeinated drinks – Avoid drinking tea or coffee late at night and don’t take more than 3-4 cups throughout the day; it will be excellent if you switch to green tea instead.
  2. Stop smoking– nicotine is a stimulant. Therefore, it can affect your sleeping pattern immensely and if you can not get cold turkey, try to cut down on the numbers to get a good night’s sleep.
  3. Dear BrainThat’s my Sleep Time Baby! Try to go to bed at the exact time, say off to bed at 10.00 p.m. sharp. Doing so, will send positive signals to your brain and instruct it further than that’s your sleep time. Follow this sleeping pattern for at least a week’s time and let your body get accustomed to the change. Initially, read an exciting novel or a book for 15 minutes before closing your eyes. You can even opt for some relaxing and soulful music to get a comfortable sleep. I mean reading something Relaxing and positive – don’t go for a horror or a Thriller Novel! Try to sleep before 11.00 p.m, and I bet you will be out of bed maximum by 6.00 in the morning and even if you get 3-4 hours sleep in between you will feel fresh and active as you tend to relax your body in the perfect time frame and enable it to perform its essential metabolic processes.
  4. Use night lamps, and dim the lights 15-30 minutes before you go to sleep to simulate the change from daytime to nighttime and relax your mind and set the room temperature to optimal level if you are using an air conditioner. In the meantime, don’t forget to say a short prayer to thank almighty and shower his choicest blessings on you and your family and of course pray to him for a good night’s sleep and a happy tomorrow- Prayers make us a better person and help to relax our mind, and Science backs that!
  5. People sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 2.5 Hours of exercise a week, a study suggests. Avoid gymming or workout in the evening as it strains and stretches our muscles and flushes essential electrolytes from our body that can affect our sleep adversely. Exercise early in the day followed by an Electrolyte drink to promote restful sleep.
  6. Start Practicing Yoga in the morning and do meditation for just 5 minutes in the evening. Try using affirmations, such as: “I release all my stress and anxiety, or I forgive everyone, or I love everyone as we all are children of God or Tomorrow will be a Wonderful Day and believe me – a peaceful sleep awaits you!
  7. Take a short ‘Power Nap’ during daytime for 5-20 minutes as this will help you to stay physically active and even elevate your mood, and when you stay physically active during the day, you tend to sleep better in the night.
  8. Drinking alcoholic beverages might make you feel a bit sleepy initially, but later it may have a negative impact on your sleep; waking you up with an urge to hydrate yourself and visit the washroom again and again. My advice here is that when it comes to alcohol, moderation is the key and before you go to bed drink lots of water or take an electrolyte drink like sweetened lemon water with a Thiamine (Vitamin B1) supplement to flush the toxins out of your body and keep your body hydrated.Effective Sleeping Tips
  9. One of the most effective natural sleeping tips is keeping your cell phones on silent mode and away from you as the late night pings from your cell phone, or email can disrupt your sleep cycle.
  10. If you don’t feel sleepy after a while, target a focal point and keep looking and staring at it continuously as if you will move it with your superhuman power – soon you feel drowsy – close your Eyes  – Good Night my friend!
  11. Avoid oily snacks and heavy meals as they tend to produce more acid and create an acidic environment in your body, and acid reflux is the most significant known enemy of a comfortable sleep.
  12. Start taking a B-Complex supplement, especially, Vitamin B6 which is needed to make melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that is triggered by darkness.
  13. Take a diet or supplement rich in Calcium and Magnesium as a deficiency of these minerals can disturb your sleeping patterns immensely. This duo has a relaxing effect on your muscles and mind.
  14. Consider safe and proven sleep inducing natural herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Ginkgo biloba or Valerine in a dosage of 250-500 mg before going to bed for a sound sleep plus they offer other health benefits too and are known to boost immunity and fight stress and anxiety. Today, you can find herbal blends that contain most of these herbs easily.
  15. Some people wonder why they always sleep better in a hotel or at a relatives place. Well, apart from the relaxing factor, bed quality also plays a vital role. One study found sleeping on a new and comfortable mattress reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60%, back stiffness by 59% and improved sleep quality by 60%.